Capital Group Continues to be Strong

Timothy Armour is the chief executive officer and chairman of the Capital Group and the Capital Research and Management Company and also the chairman of the Capital Group Management Committee. He is an equity portfolio manager with Capital Group. He has amassed more than 34 years of investment experience with The Capital Group. He originally started out with Capital Group as part of The Associates Program. Tim Armour later became an equity investment analyst at Capital, where he covered global communications and American service companies.


Tim Armour was appointed chairman of the Capital Group in 2015. Tim Armour was named chairman following the death of former chairman Jim Rothenberg. In 1994, he was appointed Senior Vice President of The American Funds, which is a branch of The Capital Group. He currently serves on the board of several groups including the AMCAP Fund. He also is supportive of several fund groups including the AMCAP Fund, SMALLCAP World Fund and the Global Discovery Fund, as well as The New Economy Fund.


After becoming chairman of The Capital Group, he managed to make a deal with the Korean based Samsung company. Under this deal, the two companies will co-create retirement products for Korean investors but specifically target middle-aged workers and seniors. The two firms will work together on investment management processes, product management and retirement solutions and resume him.


The Capital Group leader has said the changes in the post-Trump markets is real and we will be seeing higher inflation and increasing rates. He says interest rates have hit rock bottom and will begin to increase. He has also warned his clients that more uncertainty is ahead, partly caused by the uncertain policies from the new president. He also believes that industries such as banks will grow higher in the market and utilities and real estate will languish and learn more about Tim.


Tim Armour currently resides in Los Angeles, California and continues to be featured in several financial magazines including Bloomberg and the Financial Times. He’s also appeared on MSNBC and CNBC, where he has discussed investing and the future of the economy. He continues to drive his company forward and looks forward to more success and more information click here.


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