Business Owner and Life Coach, Logan Stout

Logan Stout was born in Texas. He was raised in Richardson and later went to J.J. Pearce. He was a passionate baseball player, and his love for the game went to the level of developing the Premier Baseball Academy, which Logan dedicated to the training classes of baseball.

Being a hard-working student a superb player of not only baseball but also basketball; and a good leader, Logan was elected to the Student Athletic Council. This just made him a better leader, since Logan was one who liked helping people out and up to today, his dream is to help individuals, regardless of their background and education level; achieve success.

Logan became a coach while he was in college. This gave him a chance to not only train the youth but also motivate them and caution them by teaching them what they needed to know about life. He also coached at the Dallas Baptist University and was a member of First United Methodist Church of Coppell where he was a Youth Minister and Contemporary Worship Leader.

He graduated from the University of Dallas, and Panola with degrees in Psychology and Business; respectively. He founded the Dallas Patriots, which came to be among the world’s largest baseball organizations.

Logan is a successful entrepreneur, leadership trainer, business owner, life coach, best-selling author, philanthropist and one of the most sought keynote speakers. He is also the President, Manager, Governing Person, and Director of seven companies. Logan has been invited to talks on various occasions because of not only his professionalism but also life skills like good leadership. He has appeared in several publications and even broadcasts.

He is the CEO and founder of IDLife, a health and wellness company of direct sales. His leadership of the organization has seen it named as one of the world’s 100 Solid Top MLM Companies. To achieve this, he partnered with celebrated people like the billionaire Darwin Deason.

Logan Stout is married to Haley Stout, and both have two sons; Cooper and Miles. They live in Frisco, Texas. Logan still keeps supporting people to achieve his dream of making several of them succeed in life; especially the young people.

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