Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Teams Up With Sara And Erin Foster

Whitney Wolfe, creator and CEO of the the popular dating and networking app Bumble, is getting some Hollywood celebrity assistance.

Producers and actresses Sara and Erin Foster have teamed up with Wolfe to be the Heads of Creative for Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF, an interactive and social auxiliary app in competition with LinkedIn. Bumble Bizz allows enhanced intercommunication between small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking jobs. Catering to users looking for friendship, Bumble BFF is a friendship application that allows women to easily search for new friends and acquaintances by comparing common interests and messaging other users.

“We firmly believe in letting women know, ‘hey this is all fake. We want to work to make women feel better,” Erin said regarding their role in social media and reality television.

In the app, the Foster sisters have contributed to it’s shows, discussions, and relationships with other organizations led by women.They presently work on the promotion and endorsement of the brand, but will help launch an upcoming addition to Bumble Hive, a brick and mortar New York based networking lounge, that is expected to open next year in the Los Angeles area.

They are mostly known for starring on the satirical reality TV show Barely Famous, and being the daughters of the Grammy-winning producer, David Foster. The comedy show jokingly mocks Hollywood cliches about the stereotypes of reality TV.

At a recent panel titled “Women in Entertainment,” Wolfe introduced the sisters and allowed them to speak about their role in the entertainment industry. According to Wolfe, their speech about women progressively working together in business led to her offering them a position with Bumble.

“I felt like I couldn’t live without them,” Wolfe said about Erin and Sara.

A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Whitney Wolfe was recently wed to husband Michael Herd, surrounded by a crowd of friends and family in the picturesque coastal village of Positano, Italy. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, the location of Bimble’s headquarters. Her Bimble app has a userbase of around 20 million people, and is expected to grow by a even larger margin next year.

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