Bruno Fagali: Attorney, Activist For Human Rights

Bruno Fagali is a fighter for fair compliance in the market. He has created some new legislation that will require advertisers to list their advertisements as “Photoshop Alert” if it is retouched. There have been many cases of teenage health problems as a result of false images created through misleading advertisements. The death toll for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa reached new heights in the past years thanks to such egregious adverts. The companies who promote unrealistic models are perpetuating a style which is not necessarily realistic. The models who are in fact a size 3 get their waistlines trimmed to a size 0 in photoshop and teenagers are starving themselves to reach this leavel of perceived beauty. It is not right that these corporations are causing such stress on our kids and killing them thanks to their advertisements.

When a company charges customers for the bags which bear their logos, they are charging the customer for free advertising. Bruno Fagali asserts that such companies should not charge customers if their logo is on the bag. The customers are doing the corporation an advertising service by carrying the bag. When corporations charge extra for such blatant tactics, it undermines our basic knowledge of business. The new sanctions imposed on these companies will provide regulations that no logo be placed on the bag. If a logo is on the bag, then a customer shall receive the bag for free. This is great for consumers.

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Bruno Fagali has been an attorney for many years. He has also imposed sanctions on companies who do not wish to agree with national compliance laws. Those corporations who partner with cartels, child labor camps, and slave traders, shall be jailed and fined. They will not receive any leeway for their unethical practices. When a company engages in such heinous crimes, it undermines the foundation of the entire country. According to, Bruno Fagali will not stand for it and he will fight for human rights until there is no longer a fight to fight.

Bruno Fagali is a champion of human rights and a champion of the people. He is celebrated as a strong activist for justice.

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