Bruce Levenson Has Established Himself As A Prominent Businessman And Philanthropist

In recent news, Bruce Levenson has been involved with a lawsuit concerning his old position as the Atlanta Hawks owner and the insurance company policy’s that were involved. In this instance, Bruce Levenson and his associates are suing the insurance company for straying away from the contract’s agreement by no covering certain losses that were caused from the buyout of the Hawk’s former manager. Supposedly, Danny Ferry, the former general manager, made claims of wrongful termination.

Supposedly, early last year the insurance company was notified of the policy’s coverage and ask to honor the contract. The insurance company however, denied ever receiving notifications and now they are refusing to pay. This situation become worse when the Atlanta Hawks organization was sold off and approved to a new owner. Tony Ressler, the new leader for the teams group of owners, stated that they are not involved with the lawsuit in any way.

Bruce was born in Maryland, but spent most of his time throughout Washington DC. After his primary education, Bruce went on to attend both Washington University and American University, earning his degrees as a journalist and an attorney. During his time writing for several papers, Bruce started up a company with his friend, Ed Peskowitz, which started out small, but focused on reporting news in the oil industry as well as healthcare, telecommunications, and technology.

Later on, the partner had decided to purchase the professional sports team, the Atlanta Hawks. They operated and ran the team for several years, until finally selling it off in 2015. Bruce has managed to become widely successful over the course of his career, and today he uses that success in his philanthropic efforts as well. He, along with his wife Karen, have been extremely generous to many different humanitarian causes, donation to charities and non-profit organizations. More can be found about Bruce’s efforts from the article published on PR Newswire.