Betsy DeVos Enters The Political Arena To Fight For Education Reform

If you are familiar with Betsy DeVos and her work in the state of Michigan then you’ve already gotten a taste of what the newest Secretary of Education is planning on focusing on. Betsy DeVos is one of the foremost conservative champions on the topic of school reformation and she is one of the loudest voices in the field of educational choice. Citing the works of Milton Friedman, a prominent independent author from the ’50s, Betsy DeVos has helped to nurture the growth of the educational choice movement throughout the United States of America. Now, with President Trump in her corner, Betsy DeVos is looking to make a national change.


Betsy DeVos believes that parents should not be beholden to the rules of the government when it comes to finding the right education for their children. No two students are the same and that means that they all won’t benefit from the standardized approach. For some parents, the best way to educate their children is by pursuing other educational facilities such as a charter school or a Christian school. These parents are still charged and taxed in order to support public schooling but they are no longer profiting from it. What is there to do for them that would make things fair? Well, Betsy DeVos believes that school choice needs to be put on the national menu.



With school choice installed into the national curriculum, parents would be allowed to send their kids to the educational facilities of their choice without penalty. What’s more, the specific change that Betsy DeVos would be engineering is centered on the concept of tax dollars for public education. All of the money that we pour into public education would instead be spread around to these other institutions. In this way, DeVos would be able to support the freedoms and the right to choose of parents throughout the country.


Before Betsy DeVos became a prominent player in the Republican party, conservatives really didn’t have an educational platform to rally around. In fact, education reformation had typically been associated with the progressive side of the aisle. Now, thanks to Betsy DeVos and her tireless work over the past 30 years, conservatives have a voice and something to say with it. With Betsy DeVos in Washington D.C., school choice is going to enter into the true national mainstream. DeVos will be fighting for what she believes in and conservatives will rally behind her.


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