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Wengie, “Your Internet Big Sister”, Is A YouTube Star With Real Heart

Beauty Bloggers, YouTubers
Why do some YouTubers become famous? What's the magic that makes the difference between a few subscribers and well over a million fan-followers? Sometimes it's pre-existing star power. Sometimes it's specialized knowledge. But sometimes it's the ability to connect with the audience and make each and every subscriber feel like a close and valued friend. And that seems to be the wonder of Wendy Huang, the girl behind The Wonderful World Of Wengie. A wildly popular beauty blogger who describes herself as "a Chinese Australian that wants to hug every cat", Wengie has more than a million subscribers to her main YouTube channel. She posts beauty videos there twice weekly, covering everything from beauty routines to makeup tips and tutorials, hair and skincare how-tos, diet and fitness tips...

Slyce Inc Performance For the Fourth Quarter Ended October 31st 2015

Market Leaders
Slyce Inc a visual search platform announced its financial results for the year and quarter ended October 31, 2015. On 12th August 2015, Slyce announced its partnership with SHOES.COM. which is the fastest growing online footwear retailer. A mobile image recognition by Slyce, will be able to snap pictures of shoes and thereafter be purchased by a few taps. On August 26th 2015, it announced that Neiman Marcus had extended Slyce technology to all its product lines. This was through the feature ‘Snap. Find. Shop.’ On October 6th 2015, Urban Outfitters entered into a contract with Slyce for the powering of visual search for mobile commerce. Slyce and Shoe Carnival entered into an agreement on the 22nd October 2015 for the integration of Slyce Technology. On February 10th 2016,

FreedomPop’s Newest Launch

Mobile Phone Service
Successful fundraisers are not the only thing that FreedomPop is known for now. The phone application company known as FreedomPop announced last month that it would begin launching its free service across Europe with up to 25 different carriers. According to FreedomPop's international overseer, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, the company is going to have all 25 different markets ready for usage by the end of the month and looks to expand its horizons beyond that. For those who are unaware, FreedomPop is an application that allows for users to have a limited amount of free voice, texting and data usage on their phone. In addition, the company also boasts allowing for extra services for a reasonable price, when compared to other mobile electronics. The company plans to let users have 200 M...

Jon Urbana Has Purpose and Direction Like No One Else We Know

Keeping up with Jon Urbana takes a good pair of Nikes and skill in following him on social media. Jon has thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter (jonurbana1), SlideShare and his personal blog, and he is always inviting more. Jon appreciates his followers and lets them know with constant updates on his charity work, animal photography from his travels and his lacrosse camps in Vail, Colorado. Urbana has always got something going on, and he loves to get his friends involved. Mr. Urbana is presently co-founder of the company he started in 2010, Ellipse USA. Jon was born in November 1982 in Denver, Colorado, and he graduated from Villanova University in 2005. He played professional lacrosse in college and graduated with an Economics degree, which he has put to excellent use at Ellipse

Kyle Bass: Stooge Or Scrooge?

Economic Experts
One of the most cold-blooded things a person can do is make their personal fortune from the misfortune of others. It's seedy, it's underhanded, it's filthy, and it's wrong. And it's one way UsefulStooges shows Kyle Bass has been making millions in complete legality for a while now. In fact, Bass' disgusting practices are so abhorrent that United States congressmen have waxed bipartisan in their attempts to restrict his activities, but to no avail. Again: Bass is acting completely within the limits of the law. How is he doing this? Bass has an organization called CAD. CAD, which in itself seems indicative of undercurrent snark, stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It's their mission to force larger pharmaceutical companies into selling their medicine at reduced prices. Sometime...

Useful Information About The Wikipedia Writing Service That Takes Out All The Guesswork

Make a Wikipedia Page
Thinking of making an entry into the Web? There are very many ways a business person or any individual can make a debut into the online world. The options available are mostly dependent on what you want to achieve. Social media sites are some of the easiest ways to accomplish this task. However, making a Wikipedia page is a professional and smart way to make the entry. Wikipedia pages come with numerous benefits like automatic search engine optimization and hence greater visibility online.  If you feel that Wikipedia business page creation is an exercise you would consider, you have made the right choice. However, do not stress yourself out trying to create the page by yourself. Contrary to what most people believe, creation of such pages is not a very easy task if you want to get it ri

Kevin Seawright Heading Community Development Efforts in Newark

Economic Experts
What was formerly the Brick City Development Corp. has re-branded and transformed into the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in the Newark community of New Jersey. The rebranding and restructuring of the agency is allowing it to better serve the community according to a recent news article. The newly structured Newark CEDC is designed to help small business throughout the community. Extending their reach beyond what the former Brick City Development could, Newark CEDC is helping businesses out by offering small business loans. The company is especially looking to help minority and women owned small businesses and works with the Small Business Association to help small business owners achieve their goals. At the helm of Newark CEDC is Kevin Seawright, senior vice presiden...