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Darius Fisher and Status Labs: Innovation and Informaiton

Business Leaders, Public Relations
If you're running a business online or have a presence that depends on the information made available about you through search engines and social networks, then it's possible that one day that image may be under attack. When that's the case, when your image is no longer relying on facts and your own interaction it may be time to reach out to a professional who knows just how to operate online and help manage your reputation. Reputation management is an widely sought service that more firms are seeking to provide their clients. But with so many firms turning to this new service in recent years it's in the interest of the person or the company seeking help to turn towards a firm that's tested in this kind of management. Co-Founder and President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, has been w...

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Business, Investment Banking
Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital after he grew tired of the accounting industry he had been working in for many years. He originally started off studying to become a doctor, but soon discovered that profession wasn't for him and decided to pursue accounting where he learned the foundation for investments. Solo Capital is a proprietary consulting and investment firm that has grown very quickly through out the years. The company grew very fast and allowed Shah to semi-retire and pursue other areas of interest. Sanjay Shah moved to Central London with his family. He originally was born in Kenya and wanted to move to London to pursue college. After the accounting world of business became his first and foremost source of income, he decided to open other companies as well which has helped him...

Doe Deere: Makeup CEO With Whimsical Attitude And Radical Palette

Beauty Bloggers, Business, YouTubers
Lime Crime makeup founder and CEO Doe Deere has never done anything the conventional way, and that's alright by her. The self-proclaimed "Unicorn Queen" is just like the elusive creature, providing fantasy, fun and rare beauty to those who put on her cosmetics. She launched her company in 2008, and it's been a roller coaster ride to greatness. For those who never thought that Lime Crime makeup would ever catch on, they would be very wrong. Doe Deere was born in Russia and grew up in New York City, taking her incredible imagination and talent wherever she laid down roots. She was always a creative, young girl, unafraid to dream large even when some of her ventures gave challenge. Doe started out designing and sewing her own fashions, then began a "fairy tale rock band" with her husband M...

A Dedication to Online Reputation Management

Public Relations
Since its founding just a handful of years ago, Status Labs has dramatically grown to include offices in Austin, Sao Paulo, and New York and has helped more than 1500 clients in over 35 countries. This year alone company president, Darius Fisher, says he has hired four management and business employees. Status Labs has now grown so large that it has had to move to larger office space in Manhattan. The new space, which is said to be five times larger than the old space, has plenty of room to fit the present company comfortably with lots of extra space for additional growth. Fisher says they will be striving to hire the very best experts and professionals in the world since that is what their customers expect and deserve. That is just one avenue of a commitment to continuous self-improvem...

Choosing Reliable Investment Banking Firm

Investment Banking
Madison Street Capital, a leading international investment banking firm, announces that Anthony Marsala, their Chief Operating Officer, was the recipient of the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. Anthony Marsala was selected based on his expertise and accomplishments in the industry from a huge list of nominees by distinguished business leaders. Anthony Marsala said he was excited and honored to be recognized for his accomplishments in such a highly competitive industry. And he extended his gratitude to the panel of judges and his team who worked hard to help accomplish their goals. As a reputable international investment bank, Madison Street Capital has provided services to numerous clients, including institutions, entrepreneurs, business owners and individual clients. This highly r...

Beneful Offers Many Wonderful Types of Dog Food

Popular Dog Food Brand
People love dogs. And dogs love people. This is obvious on facebook. This kind of relationship is beneficial to both parties. A dog owner finds help, love and comfort from their dog. Dogs, in turn, find all kinds of help from their owners. This may include help with food as well as an enjoyable companionship. Many dog owners look to make sure their dogs are fed the ideal food. This is why many dog owners have found it helpful to turn to Beneful for great nutritional choices that all of their dogs will love. Beneful workers know that their consumer rely on them for help in getting great food choices for their dogs. Delicious Flavors Beneful offers delicious flavors for animals of all needs. Puppies are growing and need the kind of food that is right for them. This is why those at Benefu...

George Soros Publishes His Own Plan For Handling The European Refugee Crisis

Economic Experts
The influx of refugees into the European Union, many of whom are escaping war torn Syria, has pushed the continent wide political group to the edge of collapse. In response to the problems the refugee crisis has caused the European Union and the latest plans unveiled by German Chancellor Angela Merkel the hedge fund billionaire George Soros has unveiled his own plans for handling the issue facing Europe; an essay by the financial expert has been published by CNBC and shows Soros is using his knowledge of the political climate in Europe and his financial skills to find the best possible solution to this ongoing problem. George Soros may now have a fortune of more than $25 billion because of his ultra successful hedge fund, but his personal history includes the Hungarian born financial ex...

Coriant Upgrades Their Executive And Their Clients

The top networking infrastructure support company, Coriant, has upgraded their executive team with new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir. He has a serious agenda planned to bring all Coriant's client companies up to 21st century technologies. They value him so much they also made him their board chairman. He has a way to translate the billions of dollars Coriant makes in service contracts into much more business. The latest technologies will bring their legacy systems up to modern standards of performance and reliability. In the demanding big data world of today, every company that Coriant works with is able to keep up with the latest changes and advancements in technology. This is especially true in the area of cloud computing networks. Coriant's clients are in over 100 countries and in every kind...

Venezuela Wishes To Maximize Its Precious Metals Exports

World News
Venezuela is taking an interesting step to help reverse its economic doldrums. The nation has been suffering from financial malaise for quite some time. The country also sits on top of a significant amount of precious metal reserves. The government of Venezuela is hoping to gain a certification from the United Nations according to a Linked In post by Norka Luque to help ensure the country receives fair and equitable compensation for the sale of these assets. The United Nation becomes involved to help certify the distribution of the precious metals is not funding anything illegal. Venezuelan citizens like Norka, could benefit from the export of precious metals, and the country does need to find an alternative to its once prosperous oil exports. The price of oil is currently very low. ...

FreedomPop: Inexpensive Data

Mobile Phone Service
Nicholas Constantinopoulos is the president of FreedomPop, a company based in Los Angeles, California, that provides wireless internet and mobile phone services to customers in many countries all over the world. These services include low-priced data, text, and voice. This company covers 10 million hotspots in the U.S. Nicholas commented on the amount of funding received, which has exceeded 80 million dollars. He also commented on Europe’s initial suspicion to his business model in that they were unsure of the ability to prove the numbers and profits. FreedomePop has several strengths as noted by Nicholas. FreedomPop’s platform has been developed for over 3 years. Also, their trained marketing team is excellent at analyzing the data of end users and identifying layers and clusters of