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End Citizens United Is Raising Big Money to Drive Big Corporate and Dark Money Out Of Politics

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End Citizens United was launched in 2015. The non-profit advocates for the reform of election finance laws. The political action committee was established to counter the efforts of Citizens United. This is the group that prevailed in a Supreme Court decision allowing election candidates to obtain unlimited funding from corporate entities such as companies, unions, charities and other registered groups. Candidates are also not obliged to report some of the funds.     End Citizens United raised more than $2 million within months of launch. It had a target of $30 million. The group aims to mobilize support to get the Citizens United ruling reversed. The decision opened the floodgates to a multitude of super PACs and dark funding. End Citizens United partnered with "Ready fo...

Apps for Personal Cyber Security Needs

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If your information has ever been illegally accessed and used before, you already know what it is like to be cyber violated in your own home or other places. So, you also know how important it is to be protected on your computer, your laptop, your smart phone and any other device that you use on a day to day basis. Since there are companies out there that’s familiar with how to get ahead of cybercrime that affects the individual and their personal situations, you may want to see what they are offering to you and others today.   This is also one of the top reasons why personal cyber security is not a luxury, but a necessity for people who want protect all of the personal information from hackers that have learned how to prey on those that do not know what can be done in this ille

Karl Heideck – Prominent Attorney In Greater Philadelphia Region

Litigation is the process through which any dispute between the individuals or the organizations/entities can be resolved through the legal means and as per the stated federal guidelines. It helps in amicably solving the matter under the government's watch. However, when you are filing a lawsuit, it is important that you hire the right attorney because it is your attorney and his or her experience that can make a lot of difference in the outcome of the lawsuit. Many of the cases are settled outside of the court, and if you are happy with the settlement offer that you are getting from the mutual out of the court settlement, there is no harm in going for that. Surprisingly, more than ninety percent of the cases are settled out of the court as fighting a legal battle for years can be t...

Eric Lefkofsky’s Newest Innovation Battles Cancer With Computers

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"I don't like starting companies," says 47-year-old tech founder Eric Lefkofsky. But after his wife's battle with cancer, he felt he had no choice. The life-changing experience led him to found Tempus, a company that provides molecular data to doctors and may revolutionize the future cancer treatment. The idea was sparked by his dismay at discovering how little data was available to doctors when determining the best treatment for cancer patients. "I was amazed that we were giving better technology to truck drivers than we were giving doctors making life and death decisions," said Lefkofsky. Tempus is a completely self-funded company, employing a small army of tech experts, data scientists, and doctors whose ranks are swelling by the week. Together they have created a cutting-edge ope...

NetPicks at the Forefront of Trader Education

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The company of NetPicks was created more than twenty years ago in 1996. The company entered the business at the same time as day trading and online trading were emerging. Since the company has entered the scene, it has been one of the most sought after education providers on the topics of online and day trading. The business has the purpose of educating and helping regular traders achieve their goals and establish the kind of career in trading that they have been dreaming of. The corporation of NetPicks works in the fields of Forex, Stocks, Future, Options & ETFs, and the likes. NetPicks has its main building set up in Irving, the state of Texas. The founder and owner of the large company is Mr. Mark Soberman. Having been a part of the industry for well over twenty years, Mr. Mark S...

What’s Going On with James Dondero and RAIT Financial Trust?

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There's been a lot of talk lately about interactions between James Dondero and RAIT Financial Trust. Unfortunately, this includes a lot of speculation that is unfounded and unfair. The reason that James Dondero is being associated with RAIT Financial Trust so often these days is because he is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The Dallas-based alternative investment management firm recently entered into a cooperation agreement with RAIT. The details of this agreement are more closely outlined in the article that is linked on this page. At any rate, the only way to gain a clear understanding of the interactions between RAIT, Highland Capital and James Dondero is by knowing more about the latter in particular.First, though, let's take a closer look at Highland Capit...

George Soros – One of the Most Successful Businessmen and Political Contributors in the United States

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The political landscape of the United States in the last couple of decades is mostly defined by influential leaders and political contributors and commentators like George Soros. As one of the leading public figures, the comments and opinions of George Soros are of immense importance in creating a public opinion. He is a well-known Democrat and supports the Democratic Party of the United States, and in the recent U.S. Presidential election, George Soros backed Hillary Clinton morally as well as financially. Learn more on about George Soros. As per an estimate, George Soros provided funds in excess of $30 million directly and through political action committees to support the Clinton campaign. However, George was greatly disappointed when Trump emerged as victorio...

Capital Group Continues to be Strong

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Timothy Armour is the chief executive officer and chairman of the Capital Group and the Capital Research and Management Company and also the chairman of the Capital Group Management Committee. He is an equity portfolio manager with Capital Group. He has amassed more than 34 years of investment experience with The Capital Group. He originally started out with Capital Group as part of The Associates Program. Tim Armour later became an equity investment analyst at Capital, where he covered global communications and American service companies.   Tim Armour was appointed chairman of the Capital Group in 2015. Tim Armour was named chairman following the death of former chairman Jim Rothenberg. In 1994, he was appointed Senior Vice President of The American Funds, which is a branch of ...

Overview of Career Achievements of Jim Tananbaum

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Jim Tananbaum was recently interviewed with Ideamensch about his professional and entrepreneurial career. Jim is the founder of Foresite Capital, an investment firm specializing in providing financial services to emerging healthcare companies. Through Foresite Capital’s financial and investment support, several healthcare businesses have grown and expanded their business portfolios. As a result of Jim’s entrepreneurial skills, and his 25 plus years of experience in the healthcare industry, he thought of the idea of founding Foresite Capital. Foresite Capital established itself as a leader in helping emerging healthcare companies with services such as networks, capital and information to help them achieve growth and success. Currently, Foresite Capital has invested in over 70 healthcare

Doctors Need the Right Kind of Data to Treat Cancer Says Eric Lefkofsky

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While there is no doubt about the fact that doctors need data to successful treat cancer, it is the quality of data that they receive that is critically important. This includes a host of data that not just includes a patient's DNA and RNA make up, but also information about the treatment received by the patient's in the past and their response to it. So the need is to go beyond molecular data and encompass clinical data in including data about therapy and the outcome thereof. There is need to delve into quality data in a manner that one can arrive at the most accurate assessments. Say a group of breast cancer patients taking Herceptin reports that it is effective on 40% of the people and ineffective on the rest. There has to be a reason behind that. Perhaps they have diabetes, or maybe...