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The Role That Rick Cofer Plays When It Comes To Recycling In Austin

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The City Council of Austin approved the Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force back in June to support the city’s plan entitled Zero Waste Plan. The plan got passed in 2009 and its mission is to reduce landfill waste by 90% by the year 2040. The Park and Recreation Recycling Task Force is currently recommending various ways to pay for the consistent recycling around the city.   City officials seek to provide more comprehensive recycling as well as compost options at city parks, the chairman of the task force, Rick Cofer noting that the options are sorely lagging. Cofer pointed out the fact that there is recycling at some places and some parks, but the majority of parks in Austin don’t have any recycling at all. He also stated that the city needs to walk the walk when it comes

Deirdre Baggot on Affordable Healthcare

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The USA health sector is expensive. With full knowledge of this reality, Deirdre Baggot has been vocal on alternative ways of making this multi-billion dollar sector affordable. As a trained clinician, Baggot has continually insisted the importance of adopting bundled payments. Her contributions to revolutionizing the health sector have earned her numerous recognitions both in private and public spheres. Find out more about Deirdre at She is a resourceful person to many medical entities around the country. Her expertise on these medical entities revolves around how to improve efficiency. Baggot’s passion in this area has made her one of the most iconic authors of bundled payments and the reason why the government and private sector should consider this option. In addition

Robert Ivy : Leadership through Integrity

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Trade occupations have increasingly become more popular every year, and rightfully so as they provide above average compensation for new employees. In 2010, The American Society of Associations reported a total of 92,000 trade occupations. Usually, potential candidates for these jobs learn most if not all their trait from either their studies at school or on the job training. There is, however, various of occupations that are in the "practice" category where there is always more to learn. These are where professional associations come in, they provide educational programs for members as well as open up a venue for them to network and build connections with. The power of associations can only be described as incredible and important. Robert Ivy, executive vice president and CEO of the Am...

Vinod Gupta And His Strategy Of Investing In The Common Good

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  Vinod Gupta has been in the news for all the right reasons. He is an entrepreneur who came from a humble background in New Delhi to a well-known businessman. He spent most of his childhood in a village that at that time did not have any social or modern amenities. That did not stop him from being ambitious enough to chase his dreams. He completed his high school education within the same village. Although seemingly coming from an impoverished town his family sacrificed for him to go to college and earned a bachelors in technology certification in Kharagpur India. As luck would be in his side, he received a graduate assistantship as well as being admitted into the University of Nebraska where he studied Engineering and got a master's degree in his current field which is business adm

Jacob Gottlieb Talks Getting Back Into Hedge Funds

It has been around 2 years since Visium started the process to shut down after insider trading rocked the investment firm. While Jacob Gottlieb may have been found free of any wrongdoing with the incident, he took responsibility for his company and did his duties as the chief executive officer to make sure it was liquidated properly. While Visium may be no more, Jacob Gottlieb still values and respects their clients that had put their faith into the company since it was created. Now that the process is almost over completely, he is taking the time to think about starting another hedge fund. Already, Jacob Gottlieb created a new investment office known as Altium that is mainly a family office. In fact, his brother is currently the chief executive officer. While Altium invests in similar ...

Betsy DeVos Enters The Political Arena To Fight For Education Reform

If you are familiar with Betsy DeVos and her work in the state of Michigan then you've already gotten a taste of what the newest Secretary of Education is planning on focusing on. Betsy DeVos is one of the foremost conservative champions on the topic of school reformation and she is one of the loudest voices in the field of educational choice. Citing the works of Milton Friedman, a prominent independent author from the '50s, Betsy DeVos has helped to nurture the growth of the educational choice movement throughout the United States of America. Now, with President Trump in her corner, Betsy DeVos is looking to make a national change.   Betsy DeVos believes that parents should not be beholden to the rules of the government when it comes to finding the right education for their chi...

Charlmagne Tha God Expresses His Opinion On Tha Carter V

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  Fans around the world have been waiting with bated breath for the release of Tha Carter V so you can imagine the mass hysteria that ensued upon the release of Lil Wayne's newest album a few weeks ago. However, it seems not everyone is completely enamored with the new Weezy album as Charlamagne Tha God has recently come out against this new project in a recent episode of the Breakfast Club. Charlamagne Tha God is a writer and has a book titled “Black Privilege” which ranked sixth in the New York Times of bestselling hardback nonfiction on May 7 2017. Another book Charlamagne Tha God has written is titled "Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me". During this syndicated radio show, he mocked Wayne's efforts and pointed out that these new tracks are rather subpar. In particular, he

Richard Liu Qiangdong And His Passion For Serving His Customers In JD.Com

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  Operating a business in China successfully is a challenging task due to the enormous completion that exists in the country’s market. This is due to the high level of employment in the country that has led to a lot of people engaging in entrepreneurial activities upon which they depend for their income. This has led to a lot of completion in the country ’s, and a lot of investors are finding it quite difficult to cope with the situations. To overcome the stiff competition in this market, the entrepreneurs are required to come up with strategies that would enable them to keep their business in operation and profitable so that they can also survive the economic hardships that are associated with such macroeconomic factors.   However, despite the stiff competition, Richard Liu

Anthony Constantinou And His Contributions In The Field Of Bayesian Networks

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    Anthony Constantinou has been working at the Queen Mary University located in London for more than nine years now. He became a Lecturer or rather, an assistant professor at the University in the year 2017. In this role, he works with the Department of Machine Learning and Data Mining. When he was awarded this role, he also got the role of the head of the Bayesian Ai Lab at the same institute which he has been prepping for most of his adult and young adult life. Before this role, Anthony Constantinou was a post-doctoral research fellow at the same University. For more than four years, Anthony Constantinou worked on an NIHR project whose main focus was on the Bayesian networks and its impact on risk management in the field of forensic psychiatry. The collaborated with the L

Malcolm Casselle Continues His Quest To Develop Gaming And Cryptocurrency Opportunities

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Upon leaving Stanford University, Malcolm Casselle began a career which has taken him around the world to develop the latest in technologies for various sectors. Despite his work in creating telecommunications companies and expanding on the Online retail industry, Casselle has always had an eye on the possibilities available to him in developing the Online gaming community. The work history of Malcolm Casselle includes his development of the Xfire social media app for the gaming community which has led to his belief in the power of cryptocurrencies within the gaming sector. Malcolm Casselle has been extremely vocal in his interest and support of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and other tokens developed specifically for video gaming fans. The development of tokens for games has b...