Arthur Becker’s Success with Madison Partners Takes Over

Arthur Becker is a man of many talents and, more importantly, many investments. He had initially had a career in finances as a stockbroker for Bear Stearns when he hit it big selling technology companies. Becker would take that first fortune and immediately pivot off to what he was passionate about: art and real estate. Becker would go on to purchase property in Florida and New York before ultimately setting up shop in the Big Apple> Now Becker is the Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC. Today we are going to dig into what makes Becker so successful in the fast paced and competitive real estate market.

For Arthur Becker success is all about creating a team of people who are both talented and respected. Becker says, “I find that I am most effective when I work with people that I respect.” Becker goes on to explain how one of the biggest tasks he has to accomplish on any given project is the act of assembling a talented and professional team. Becker goes on to say that this is important in every field that he operates within: technology, art, finances, or real estate.

According to The Real Deal, Madison Partners LLC has been taking New York by storm ever since they opened their doors in 2011. The company has already proven them capable of being competitive with the top companies in the marketplace and now they are proving to be capable of innovating when they need to. Madison Partners is focused right now on expanding into more than just the real estate market. Becker admits to a fascination with bio technology and, in particular, “the field of cancer treatment.” Becker knows that he doesn’t have any sort of medicinal training but he knows, as he said above, how to put together a talented team that can weather all storms.

Arthur Becker cites his ability to balance his passion with his brain as one of his keys to success. He knows that you can’t solely follow your gut, but you can’t ignore it either. So far we’d have to say that Becker is on the right track and will continue to be that way into the future! For more info, visit