Anthony Petrello – How He Became the Highest Paid CEO of the Country

Anthony Petrello is a known name in the oil industry. He is the leader of the Nabors Industries and is associated with the company for over 26 years. He was the highest paid CEO in 2014 and has gained admiration from his colleagues and his competitors for his exceptional work for the industry as a whole. He is a strategist and a brilliant business executive, but he has been successful because of the way he conducts himself. He has helped create jobs for the poor and offered an opportunity to people to succeed in life.

Anthony Petrello comes from a middle-class family in Newark from where he learned the values of integrity and honour. He was taught to work hard if he wanted to achieve something and nothing was going to be served to him on a gold platter. He was always interested in studies and mastered tough mathematical theories at an early age. It allowed him to secure a full scholarship to the Yale University and he did not look back after that. He has worked with Serge Lang on his work of number theory. He also solved many problems that many other students of his class failed to understand. But, he changed his career after that and went to the Harvard Law School to earn a law degree. He then starteddd working at a law firm and become one of its MD within a year. It was after that he joined Nabors Industries as its President.

Anthony Petrello has shown the world that coming from a low-income family does not mean that one cannot become successful. He has proved those people wrong that did not have many expectations from him. He also acknowledges the sacrifices that his parents made for him so that he could concentrate on his studies rather than work at a young age. While many wealthy people believe in hoarding their money, Anthony Petrello gave most of it to the community. He is part of many charities and volunteers at hospitals whenever he can take out time from his professional commitments. In spite of his achievements, he is a humble man and loves to spend time with his wife and lovely daughter.