Anthony Constantinou And His Contributions In The Field Of Bayesian Networks



Anthony Constantinou has been working at the Queen Mary University located in London for more than nine years now. He became a Lecturer or rather, an assistant professor at the University in the year 2017. In this role, he works with the Department of Machine Learning and Data Mining. When he was awarded this role, he also got the role of the head of the Bayesian Ai Lab at the same institute which he has been prepping for most of his adult and young adult life.

Before this role, Anthony Constantinou was a post-doctoral research fellow at the same University. For more than four years, Anthony Constantinou worked on an NIHR project whose main focus was on the Bayesian networks and its impact on risk management in the field of forensic psychiatry. The collaborated with the London School of Medicine and Dentistry on this project as well as another ER project which was looking into decision making in the real world that is based on evidence while applying the Bayesian Networks technology.

Before Anthony Constantinou began his fellowship and research at the Queen Mary University, Anthony Constantinou was a teaching Assistant for almost three years ending in the year 2013 at the same learning institute. He taught students in the Software risk management program, the procedural programming program, and the software engineering program. Anthony main modules included teaching the Bachelor of Science students as well as the Masters of Science students. While working on this role, Anthony was also taking on an extra role as a Ph.D. researcher. Anthony based his research on the field of Bayesian Networks and its application in decision making, prediction and risk management. He completed his research in the year 2012.

Anthony Constantinou also works as a freelancer offering consulting services on the topic of Bayesian Networks and rating systems. He is a former associate consultant and a decision scientist at the Agena Risk firm.


Education background


Anthony Constantinou has a degree in Computer science from the University of Hertfordshire. He also has a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics from the same institution where he graduated with a distinction. He also has a Ph.D. from the Queen Mary University. Click Here for more information.

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