A Sneak Peek into José Henrique Borghi: The Brains behind Mullen Lowe Brasil

José Henrique Borghi is widely considered to be a household name in the Brazilian advertising industry. As the co-Founder and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe, a top Brazilian ad agency, Mr. Borghi has surpassed expectations and strived to dominate a highly competitive industry. Despite having no capital, Borghi pulled all the stops to jointly form an advertising agency with a stellar reputation. Such a huge undertaking could not have been possible without the unwavering commitment and strong passion that fueled his drive on a daily basis. Unknown to most people, Mullen Lowe Brasil is essentially the product of a successful merger between Lowe Partners and the Mullen Group.

Jose Borghi is undeniably a stroke of genius in the marketing and advertising industry. Whenever he puts his mind to work, his impressive results have always left a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of Brazilians and the world at large. As a testament to his proficiency, his latest advertisement dubbed “Mammals of Parmalat” in Mamiferos da Parmalat captivated audiences courtesy of its catchy ad jingles. Additionally, his excellence has also been highlighted in the development of E` o Amor also known as “It is love.”

Creative Tips Regarding Online Advertising and Marketing

Jose Borghi’s insightful approach to the advertising industry has been widely documented in numerous journals and websites, most notably Noticias Terra Brasil. Such articles paint a vivid description about the current revolution in the marketing and advertising industry. Interesting enough, Borghi sheds some valuable insight on his latest attempts to advocate for the optimal use of Brazilian advertising agencies. More specifically, he reiterates on the need for Brazilian retailers to adopt e-commerce through the internet enabled tablets and smartphone devices.

Alternatively, he believes in the need for Brazilian retailers to take advantage of readily available internet services to appeal to more customers and generate more profits in the long run.