A Look at Daniel Mark Harrison’s Career

Daniel Mark Harrison is a recognized entrepreneur, media expert, and an author. He is the current chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO), a privately owned family business with dynamic operations and workstations in Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong. He owns and manages the family business with the sole aim of improving the family assets.

Daniel Mark Harrison commands a lot of respect in cryptocurrency and the business world because of the achievement he has made in these sectors. His many Titles and careers make him be suited for business consultation adding more to his success. He attained BA in theology from the University of Oxford in 1989; he has Masters in Business Administration from Norwegian school of business; he has master’s degree in journalism from New York University. He has used all this knowledge he has acquired from classroom to build and create his successful business empire.

Daniel Mark Harrison has been part of the management at Monkey Capital since 2016 which is blockchain and fin-tech capital firm. The organization is referred as a decentralized digital property and an investment bank.

Mr. Harrison has been one of the greatest contributors at Coinspeaker for a long time. Several successes have been achieved during his tenure. He was able to grow readership at the firm by more than 400,000 per month. He was at the helm of the editorial team and helped in optimizing the site while still preparing for syndication of Google news. His other major achievements include the top Ten Bitcoin Brokerage which saw the margins shoot up more than ten times in twenty-four hours.

He later joined Chief of Marx Rand in May 2015 as an editor and publisher. He was able to cover important stories that impacted the societies and unearthed Ku Klux Klan dealings with FBI. Mr. Harrison’s interaction with different people in the corporate world has given him the experience to understand important matters in the business world and how the world operates. He has mentored many young people and has helped the organizations where he has worked to realize significant improvement under his leadership.