George Soros Open Society Foundation Criticizes Hungarian Government For Its Tough Action on Refugees


George Soros is the current chairman and co-founder of Soros Fund Management the Open Society Foundations. After being successful in the world of finance, George Soros founded the Open Society Foundations in 1979 and started being active as a donor. His first donation went to South Africa through helping the black students attend Cape Town University during a time when apartheid was a norm in South Africa. For the unfortunate black student both aspiring and continuing students, he organized for a scholarship that enabled them to fulfill their dreams just like the counterpart white students.

The Open Society Foundation has accomplished much since 1979 and today it operates in more than 100 countries with annual expenditures that reached $835 million in 2011. The Open Society Foundation’s aim is to promote the values of open society, transparency, and ensure the community respects the human rights of every individual. George Soros would not have been able to found Open Society Foundation if it were not for the success he gained in the financial markets that gave him a greater degree of independence than most of his billionaire counterparts.

The success he gained the financial markets was one of the pillars he took as an advantage to take a stand on controversial issues affecting our society according to Many people who are billionaires and others with powers to make a change in the society believe that the government can only tackle some issues, and they shy away to help in other societal issues. However, George Soros is ultimately an exception because his foundation deals with them most controversial issues that are only believed to be either the role of government and particular civil activists.

George Soros has been under fire in his birthplace, Hungary after the politicians accused him of promoting and supporting the illegal migration of refugee amid the refugee crisis that has brought the right-wing government under pressure. The government representatives of Hungary such as the Prime Minister Victor Orban condemned Soros’s efforts saying that promoting the acceptance of the illegal migrant through supporting the liberal migrant policies and backing various human rights activists through his charity was offensive to the government that has done all it can to deal with the crisis.

According to Financial Times, Soros said the frontline states such as Hungary were neglecting their asylum obligations. He, therefore, suggested that Europe countries to provide a comprehensive refugee plan which would act as the pillar to provide each asylum seeker with about $16,800 annually for two years to help them cover for healthcare, housing, and education costs. However, Soros is not the only person condemning the Hungary’s move to reject asylum seekers. Other EU leaders have also lambasted Hungary’s regime for its tough stance on migration following the construction of a four-meter high wall along some sections of the border with Serbia.

George Soros is best known for his Open Society Foundation (OSF) which promotes democracy in countries that seem to have a closed system of government. The OSF runs many programs in many countries outside its Hungarian Capital of Budapest.
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Charles Koch’s Current Warning

Political Games

When you think about the current landscape of the political arena, it is somewhat of a bizzaro world. Not only are the typical candidates anything but typical, but the frontrunners are people who would normally never even be in the final field, let alone the pack leaders. When you consider the fact that Charles Koch said he would consider voting for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, then it only shows just how upset he (and the rest of the conservative elite) are at the fact that an individual such as Trump is the best that the field can yield.

When you think about Charles Koch, you have to understand just how powerful his words are. The Koch brothers are truly two of the most elite individuals in the field, and the warning that Charles is saying isn’t just a political one it is an overall one. The chaos is that when top conservative leaders see Hillary Clinton potentially taking office, they already know the bad news and chaos that is yet to come. However, when it comes to the actual enigma that is Donald Trump, the truth of the matter is Charles Koch just doesn’t know what to plan for or what to expect.

Charles has made his living and his wealth by taking a look at the economy and trying to make decisions that are the best for the future. By forecasting and looking forward for years into the future in order to best make decisions, Charles Koch has been able to amass a fortune that catapulted him onto the shortlist of the richest Americans. His wealth isn’t questioned and neither is his intelligence. That being said, when Charles Koch is starting to become fearful for what could happen in the future of the country if either candidate is elected is just starting to show how chaotic this upcoming presidential selection could end up being.

At the end of the day, regardless of what side of the political spectrum you fall on, when people like Charles Koch start to say watch out and be prepared then it only makes sense to put your head down and start preparing.

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Eric Pulier Is Known for Leading One Successful Venture After Another


Eric Pulier is a technology visionary that knows how to effectively raise venture capital for some of the best startup ideas. Eric Pulier makes raising capital for technology ideas look so simple. His efforts have helped raise hundreds of millions in dollars for US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone, Media Platform, the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, which merged into TM Forum. These are only a few examples of companies that Mr. Pulier has help raise funds for.

ServiceMesh is also among the successful startups Pulier has helped raise funding for. The platform integration management solution located on provides a complex alignment of cloud management solutions. ServiceMesh is based in Califonia, where Mr. Pulier resides as well. ServiceMesh has raised $15,000,000 in funding since 2008 and the probability for ServiceMesh continuing as a company successfully is imminent.

Mr. Pulier transitioned from a successful graduation from Harvard University in 1988 to become a highly recognized serial entrepreneur today. Not only did Mr. Pilier graduate from the top Ivy League university he graduated with top honors, Summa Cum Laude.

In Pulier’s latest venture he holds the Chief Executive Officer position with the company Stemulis. The company is preparing to launch its website soon, and it should be exciting to see what Mr. Pulier has coming next.

Mr. Pulier is a caring father of 4 children. He’s also a devoted philanthropist and board member of the cause The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronic illness. Mr. Pulier is also donates his time and funds to the X-Prize Foundation.

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DIVERSANT’s Exceptional Programs And Its Principal John Goullet

Business, Business Leaders

DIVERSANT is a fully licensed Minority Business Enterprise provider that is committed to supporting diversity throughout the workplace as well as in the supply chain. It is the biggest IT staffing and solutions company in the US that is African-American owned. The firm focuses on providing IT talent on a permanent basis, contingent, and contract. That is done depending on the needs of its Fortune 500 as well as mid-market clients in select industries. DIVERSANT holds an exceptional dedication to offering premier service to all its customers, consultants, as well as partners.

The firm believes in diversity. It also understands that in all its forms, diversity generates better prospects for both consultants and partners. Additionally, it provides clients with more innovative solutions. DIVERSANT products and services are aimed at meeting the requirements of the clients, associates, and the societies they serve. They are based on creative and transformative ideas. Besides its fundamental IT staffing services, the firm’s high-quality outcomes are driven by best-in-class proprietary methodologies.

DIVERSANT understands firsthand the advantages and challenges of achieving diversity. For this reason, the company has used its knowledge to create unique programs. These programs facilitate businesses to transform themselves and empower their employees. The plan consists of MBE and Diversity Programs. Under MBE, there is the UNITY program that is unique. It links large corporations, their need for diversity, and ability to cater for this demand by small MBE staffing companies. DIVERSANT boosts small MBEs’ capabilities by offering access to credit and implementing a mentoring program.

John Goullet is the Principal and Chairman of DIVERSANT, LLC. He started his career as a computer consultant. Mr. Goullet later became an IT staffing executive before creating Info Technologies, an IT staffing company in 1994. With his firm, Mr. Goullet focused on understanding the corporate climate and the IT staffing requirements of his clients. Under his guidance, Info Technology grew immensely in the first five years. As a result, it gained recognition from the Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States that are privately owned. Goullet merged his firm with DIVERSANT in 2010.

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Keith Mann Recognizes Professional Achievement

Giving Back

One thing school should do is prepare people for the real world. Keith Mann is making an attempt to encourage that in schools. He has put together what is called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement in partnership with Uncommon Schools which is a non-profit organization for charter management. Keith Mann is looking to give entrepreneurs the recognition that they deserve. For one thing, entrepreneurs add a lot to society in general. They are willing to branch out and think outside the box. They not only build businesses, but they also create jobs for others. Keith Mann respects that and understands that there is a lot of value in that.

Keith Mann himself is an entrepreneur. He understands the freedom that comes with starting a business or just working for himself. Mann has 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He is also involved in investments. He has launched an Alternative Investment Practice upon finding a rapidly growing market in the hedge fund industry. The industry has also been under-served by the search community. Keith Mann has also founded Dynamic Search Partners for the alternative investment firms. Keith Mann is one of those entrepreneurs with open eyes.

This is perhaps what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, open eyes. Keith has also decided to keep eyes open for people who show a lot of promise in the business world. In order to qualify, the applicant has to write a 1,000 word essay on what he is planning to do and how a college degree is going to help him. The scholarship is going to be given out to one applicant per year. Therefore, the applicant that shows the most promise is going to win the scholarship so that he can go to the college of his choice.

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Handy Makes Spring Cleaning Supremely Easy


Spring cleaning should revolve around more than just tidying things up. Spring cleaning really is about the total renewal of an abode.

A home is only inviting when it is clean and neat. The appearances inside of a home contribute greatly to its ability to help put those inside the home into a healthy mindset. Those living in a nice, clean environment are sure to be more upbeat about their living arrangements than someone living in dirt and clutter.

The mind is not the only thing made healthy due to a clean interior. Disinfecting all the bacteria and germs that congregate and grow in a home makes for a safe environment. As spring arrives, people become motivated to engage in that all-important seasonal cleaning adventure. Adventure may be the right word and not always in the most positive way to use the term.

Adventure movies are known for their twists and turns. The hero and heroine end up having to deal with crazy obstacles that keep them from their primary goal. All of this makes for an entertaining movie or video game. Such actions do not exactly contribute to the most enjoyable spring cleaning session. Being motivated to totally and thoroughly clean out a home during the springtime is truly a virtue. Not having the knowledge and skill to perform the actually cleaning, however, might lead to less-than-appealing results.

Contacting a cleaning service does not automatically fill a homeowner’s mind with positive thought. Poor reviews about local cleaning services may give some pause for thought. The prices quotes by some home cleaning crews may be way out of the price range of a homeowner. Feeling so limited in terms of options leads many to try and struggle through the cleaning process on their own. No one should feel limited. A very handy option exists and it is named, appropriately, Handy.

Handy was founded by a few friends who met at Harvard Business School. The company started out as a simple app designed to help book freelancers for home cleaning duties. The “simple app” is still in place. Anyone wishing to book the services of a skilled and talented freelancer can do so in minutes right from a mobile device. What has changed for Handy is the value of the company. Over the course of a few short years, the company’s value has reached the half-a-billion dollar mark.

Contributing to Handy’s great success is the rigid screening process the company puts would-be freelancers through. No one can just join Handy. Freelancers have to be approved by the company and well over 90% do not make it through. Those who do are likely to do great work on a job, any job and during any season of the year.

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The Success of James Dondero

Business Leaders

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that was started in 1993 by James Dondero, a talented businessman who has taken pride of his business as well as the expansion of his business over the years. Highland Capital Management is a firm that currently holds close to 20 billion dollars worth of assets circulating under the firm’s protection. Customers of this firm have become loyal to Mr. Dondero as well as his team due tot he fast as well as positive results. For only investing a small sum of money, James Dondero and his expert team of investors can create a large sum of revenue.

In recent news, James and his team have recently upped the stakes in their overall investments, yet have also decreased the company’s stakes in Athena Health. Overall, Highland Capital Management decreased the stakes by over 80 percent. This recent news is purely due to the numbers that Athena Health has produced. Over the past few months that Jim Dondero and his team have increased their stakes within the company, the stocks have continued to drop. With this numbers showing less success, Mr. Dondero as well as his team of experts have all agreed that decreasing their stakes within the company by a drastic number is the best way to proceed.

James Dondero and his investment firm is a unique investment firm that is dedicated to providing the clients of the company with credit-based solutions that not only increase profit, but also circulate more wealth within the economy. James Dondero has over 30 years in the investment business and is able to give advice on all manners of investment in a efficient as well as inexpensive manner. As President as well as co-founder of this firm, James Dondero only invests in small percentages of the company’s assets. As of currently, James Dondero has over 105 full-time employees that are dedicated to providing the best results.

What makes Jim Dondero’s investment firm so unique is the fact that this firm is always ahead in the industry. For example, in recent news, Dondero made the effort to begin investing in Argentina, as he predicted that Argentina would soon pay off the country’s debt and would reenter to business of selling international stocks. As a result of this innovation, Mr. Dondero and his team are now one of the most popular investment firms to seek council from in the United States.


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Beneful is Not the Enemy

Pet Meals

It’s easy to be concerned about the diet of loved ones. In some cases, not all loved ones are of the two legged variety. Humans have increasingly become concerned about the quality of food being given to their pets.
One company that has come under fire recently is Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful. A popular brand of dog food, Beneful is being criticized by facebook dog owners online community for the presence of certain types of dyes and ingredients. A hefty class action lawsuit has been making its way through the court system.

A recent article by the Huffington Post discusses the recent court proceedings in a bit more detail. In spite of the fears of many, none of the ingredients present in Beneful have been proven harmful to pets. In fact, a large percentage of plaintiffs have actually removed themselves from the case due to the lack of evidence presented.

Beneful continues to remain confident in their high quality of pet food. It is time, however, for the brand to have a bit of a makeover. Due to large scale media frenzy surrounding the case, Beneful has elected to remove the controversial ingredients from the food. This new recipe of Beneful hit the shelves in stores on May 9.

Pets cannot read labels. Therefore, it is up to their human companions to look after the health of their furry friends. It is natural to want to give pets the best quality of food available at a reasonable price. It seems that Beneful is still a safe bet for the pocket book of the human and the health of the pet! Be part of the Beneful community!


Talk Fursion: Video in Email Marketing Increases Revenue

Digital Marketing

The Study Concludes
There was an interesting study that had been conducted by the Relevancy Group. This study has clearly shown that including video in email marketing campaigns will increase revenue by 40 percent. The story was reported in hellotesa. Video marketing has continued to be an exceptional and proven method to engage an audience effectively.

Video in Email Increases Open Rates
You can have a 20 percent increase in your open rates in emails with video included. The click-through rates will rise 2-3 times. Video will save time while being much more efficient than text. The video will offer the similar instant gratification that has been developing since America logged online in the 90s. The videos are a highly effective way to express the personality of any brand. A 60-second video just may be worth 1.8 million. This is according to James McQuivey Forrester Research. A picture in email is only worth a thousand words. Video in an extraordinary method that will almost guarantee that your brand’s content will be incorporate entertainment, engagement, and it will be compelling.

Talk Fusion is Ahead and Up-to-Date
Talk Fusion was founded in the year 2007 by Bob Reina. He is also the CEO. Talk Fusion can be seen as a pioneer. They now rank 8th for being an online video content provider in the entire world. It was Reina who had wanted a 10-second video to be embedded into an email. He had been told that video in emails could not be done. He got some help from an expert IT-savvy friend. Together, they created the novel idea of including videos in emails. Videos and emails are a fabulous combination that captivate.

Darius Fisher and Status Labs: Innovation and Informaiton

Business Leaders, Public Relations

If you’re running a business online or have a presence that depends on the information made available about you through search engines and social networks, then it’s possible that one day that image may be under attack. When that’s the case, when your image is no longer relying on facts and your own interaction it may be time to reach out to a professional who knows just how to operate online and help manage your reputation.

Reputation management is an widely sought service that more firms are seeking to provide their clients. But with so many firms turning to this new service in recent years it’s in the interest of the person or the company seeking help to turn towards a firm that’s tested in this kind of management.

Co-Founder and President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, has been working with his public relations firm for years, and has become a known expert in the field of reputation management, particularly as it relates to the online presence of his clients. With a staff that has grown, and satellite offices in New York and São Paulo, Fisher has worked to extend perfectly respectable businesses of all kinds and people from many walks of life with a second chance that can impact their standing both locally and internationally, online and in person. With more than 1,500 clients having sought their services, Status Labs has helped clients with a career in business, politics and entertainment in over 35 countries with innovative digital marketing plans and strategies for engaging the public.

Part of Fisher’s success in the field of public relations, and reputation management in particular, is his own professional past. Partly this had to do with some bad business practices that resulted in the editing of several Wikipedia pages that violated the site’s rules on editing information, and the resignation of Jordan French, Status Labs’ other Co-Founder. Managing both has made Fisher and his firm more adept at navigating media and the internet when restoring the image of companies and individuals.

Darius Fisher has made his name as an expert in public relations and reputation management. His expertise got him to be a speaker at Impact15, a Las Vegas conference on the intricacies of online marketing and personal promotion.

Fisher has worked as a copywriter and in politics before opening up his public relations firm dedicated to both the public and private sectors.

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